How to Troubleshoot Dishwasher Leaks

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

Some people still like to handwash dishes because they enjoy the warm water on their hands and the peace that hand washing gives them. However, the majority of our customers prefer the convenience of their dishwashers. That’s why when dishwashers show signs of problems, our customers want to know what they need to do to fix the problem. While we’re not dishwasher technicians, we do handle dishwasher leaks because of plumbing issues.

In this article, we discuss common dishwasher problems and what to do to repair them.

Finding and Fixing Leaks

Dishwashers are amazing because they hold a lot of water but designed to never spill a drop. However, if certain parts of the unit become damaged and malfunction, leaks occur. It’s not uncommon for older dishwashers to leak as they age. However, if you have a new dishwasher, leaks aren’t so likely. When they occur, water damage and other problems follow closely behind.
If you notice your dishwasher leaking, the problems could originate from one of the following three areas:

  • Underneath the dishwasher: In this area, there are three places where leaks often develop: the drain, the pump seal, and the water inlet. Often when leaks happen in one of these three places, it’s because of a broken pump, a broken hose clamp, or a cracked gasket.
  • Around the door: All dishwasher doors are lined with a rubber gasket. This rubber lining is similar to your refrigerator’s lining. Over time, the lining becomes brittle and cracks. When this happens, your dishwasher isn’t watertight anymore.
  • The water source: All dishwashers have a hose that brings water from the household plumbing to the water inlet. When the inlet connection loosens or a gasket cracks, water will leak from this area.

To figure out exactly what you’re dealing with, you need to remove the front kick plate of your dishwasher. Grab a flashlight and begin looking for the source of the leak. For dishwashers not mounted to a countertop, scoot the dishwasher out and away from the wall to help you see better. As you’re pulling out the dishwasher, try not to pull too hard to prevent breaking hoses.

When it’s obvious what the problem is, most people can make that determination in less than a minute, especially if it’s a loose connection. In this instance, reconnect the hose, replace the dishwasher or kick plate, and test the appliance.

Many dishwasher repairs are simple for homeowners to fix on their own. Unless they’re mechanical repairs. These types of repair are trickier and require the expertise of an appliance repair technician.

When to Call a Plumber?

The best time to call a plumber for dishwasher repair service is when you have a leak that you can’t figure out how to fix. At San Francisco Plumbing & Rooter Pros, we don’t fix mechanical issues with dishwashers. However, we fix leaky hoses and replace broken gaskets. If you’re experiencing dishwasher leaks or any other plumbing leak, give us a call.

We offer residential plumbing service in San Francisco and the Bay area. Give us a call today to get a local plumber to your home for all plumbing repair, replacement, and installation needs.

How to Detect a Hidden Leak

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Hidden leaks cost homeowners money and threaten the structural integrity of homes every day. Although you might think there’s nothing you can do to detect a hidden leak, the truth is you have more power than you realize.

The plumbers at San Francisco Plumbing & Rooter Pros want you to know how to spot the signs of a potential leak underneath your home’s concrete slab, behind walls, in ceilings, and even in your yard. Keep reading to learn valuable tips for finding these destructive leaks.

Running Water

When someone in your home uses the water, you might hear it moving through the pipes in the walls. This is expected. What isn’t expected is to hear water running through pipes when no water is being used. Hearing water at this time is a sign that there’s a leak in a pipe behind the wall or ceiling.

High Water Bills

How closely do you examine your water bills? Usage levels vary depending on the season. For example, during the spring and summer, you might use more water when your sprinkler system turns on.

While small increases on your water bill is normal, it’s cause for concern when you notice sudden spikes in usage. If your water bill doubles or triples, within a month’s time, call a plumber in San Francisco right away to inspect your home for leaks.

Foundation Issues

Have you noticed new cracks formed in your foundation? Some foundation cracks happen as the result of settling, but others are caused by slab leaks.

Slab leaks happen when the water pipe under your home’s slab develops a pinhole leak or bursts completely. The water has no place to go and pools under the foundation. Eventually, the moisture causes the foundation to erode and this can threaten your home’s structure.

These underground leaks can happen in homes with or without basements. If you notice unusual cracks in your home’s foundation, hot spots on the floor, or find water pooling in areas, don’t wait to call for help. Contact an emergency plumber in San Francisco ASAP.

Leak Detection from San Francisco Plumbing & Rooter Pros

When was the last time you had professional leak detection from San Francisco plumbers? We recommend this service once a year to stay ahead of major plumbing issues. Our plumbers use state-of-the-art equipment that lets them find the tiniest leaks. Small leaks usually don’t make their presence known until they’ve been around for several weeks or months. By then, the damage done is severe.

To learn more about how leak detection can protect your home or for pipe repair, call San Francisco Plumbing & Rooter Pros today!

Call a 24 Hour Plumber in San Francisco for Basement Plumbing Repair

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Friendly, 24 Hour Plumber in San Francisco, CA, available today to help with all drain and rooter plumbing repair and replacement. Don’t ignore a wet spot in your basement. It could be the sign of a larger problem lurking below your home’s slab. A 24 hour plumber in San Francisco can help you identify the problem and provide valuable basement plumbing repair.

Types of Basement Plumbing Problems

Basements have a couple of problems that are directly related to plumbing issues. Here are the most common issues that our plumbers contend with often:

  • Leaky water heaters
  • Broken sump pumps
  • Slab leaks

Each of these problems can vary in terms of severity, but what they all have in common is that if they are not fixed right away then you could be facing a flooding situation.

Get that Leaky Water Heater Fixed Today

A leaky water heater is a sign that there is either a crack in the tank, a problem with a line, or a valve is broken. Emergency plumbers in San Francisco can’t tell over the phone what the problem is. They must see it up close. Chances are that the problem can easily be repaired, but you don’t want to wait for the situation to worsen. This could result in unexpected water heater replacement.

Have Your Sump Pump Serviced without Delay

A home’s sump pump is what prevents flooding due to extreme rainfall or other issues that cause water to back up into your home. It is also a plumbing fixture that frequently goes unnoticed. If you discover that your sump pump isn’t running and hasn’t lost power, call a plumber to find out what’s happening.

Don’t Let Slab Leak Ruin Your Home

The slab leak – also called a hidden leak – can ruin a home’s structural integrity the longer it is allowed to exist. The problem with these leaks is that they can easily go unnoticed until the leak is so big that it has eaten away at concrete and causes flooding in the home. If you notice warm spots beneath your flooring, have higher than normal water bills, or are experiencing changes in water pressure at your home, call a for leak detection plumbing service right away.

Your #1 24 Hour Plumber in San Francisco Is Just a Phone Call Away

When you have an emergency, we’ll get a licensed plumber to your home in less than 90 minutes. At San Francisco Plumbing & Rooter Pros, we know the value in quick service, budget-friendly pricing, and workmanship that is 100% guaranteed. Call your favorite 24 hour plumber in San Francisco today!

Emergency Pipe Repair Solutions

Monday, January 16th, 2017

Local emergency plumbers available for water pipe repair in San Francisco, CA.No one wants to think about a ruptured pipe in their home, but it can happen at any time. If you have an older home, the water pipes may be compromised due to age and normal wear and tear. All it takes is an increase in water pressure or a stubborn clog stressing the pipe for a rupture to happen. San Francisco Plumbing and Rooter wants you to be prepared in case this happens to you.

Before You Call for Emergency Plumbing Repair Service

Your first instinct may be to call a 24 hour plumber, but we advise our customers to start by turning off water to the house before calling for emergency plumbing repair service. It’s important that homeowners stop water from destroying belongings because this can lead to high repair costs. Find the water shut off valve and then call for repairs.

Fix the Repair Yourself

We don’t recommend making plumbing repairs yourself; however, there are instances where it’s possible to make minor repairs if you can’t call a plumber right away. If the rupture is located on a pipe that is visible such as one beneath the kitchen or bathroom sink, you can use an epoxy product found at home improvement stores to plug the hole temporarily. This solution won’t hold for long, so call a San Francisco plumber as soon as possible.

Another water pipe repair solution is to clamp the pipe while you wait for professional repairs. Clamping will keep the water from seeping from the pipe, but it may affect your ability to use the sink.

Short-term Solutions are Not Ideal

When it comes to ruptured water pipes, short-term solutions are not the answer. While they will get you through the interim, it’s always best to call a San Francisco plumber for emergency plumbing repair service. Professional repair services guarantee quality workmanship, 100% customer service, and watertight solutions. Call us today to learn more!

Common Sources of Problems that Require Expert Sewer Line Repair

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Sewer line repair in San Francisco by best plumbers in your townAs the primary conduit for carrying waste water away from your home, the main sewer line is a critical part of your plumbing system. Obstructions in this pipe can have severe consequences for all the fixtures throughout the house. Fortunately for the residents of San Francisco, San Francisco Plumbing & Rooter Pros offers complete sewer line repair and other essential solutions to get your system back online.

How Did My Sewer Pipe Get Damaged?

Sewer lines may be buried underground, but that does not make them immune to damage and deterioration. In fact, there are several risks unique to outdoor pipes and plumbing components. There are several sewer issues that homeowners often encounter in the LA area:

Encroaching Tree Roots

Tree roots seek out nutrients and water in the soil, so sewer lines are a common target. Over a long period of time, the roots can actually break through solid metal or plastic piping. Roots can partially obstruct the line and encourage a complete clog by catching material that flows through.
This can also pose a safety hazard by allowing sewer water to escape into the soil.

Sediment or Mineral Scale

Unless your home is equipped with an advanced, whole-house purification system, then there are probably some trace minerals present in your tap water. Combined with dirt and debris washed down the drains, these microscopic particles form layers along the insides of your pipes. This accumulation reduces the effective pipe diameter, which slows down drains and increases the risk of a physical blockage.

Severe Drain Clog

A clog that starts in a single bathroom can cripple the entire system. Wads of hair, foreign objects and other physical obstructions gradually slide through the sewer lines until they reach the main pipe. A complete sewer line clog can completely prevent the use of sinks, toilets and appliances in your home.

Identifying and Solving the Source of Your Plumbing Problems

San Francisco Plumbing & Rooter Pros is a licensed and insured plumbing contractor, so you can rely on us to take care of sewer line repair and related maintenance tasks. Our technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art tools that allow them to troubleshoot your system and find the best solutions quickly. Give us a call for a no-obligation estimate or to schedule a service call for your project!