Outstanding Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service in San Francisco

The household garbage disposal is a trusted appliance that is used regularly to dispose of food waste and make kitchen clean up easier. However, like most appliances in the home, this machine is susceptible wear and tear that comes with usage and age. Also, many homeowners do not use their disposals correctly, which can lead to premature failure and necessitate repair.

San Francisco Plumbing & Rooter Pros is a plumbing company serving the greater San Francisco area that assists homeowners with garbage disposal problems every day. Our expertly trained and licensed plumbers have the appropriate tools and skill set to repair nearly every problem quickly and for less money than you think.

Common Problems with Garbage Disposals

Is your kitchen sink backing up? This can be a normal reaction to putting food in the disposal, but once you turn the disposal on the sink should drain. If this doesn’t happen, then it’s likely you have a clog either in the disposal or in the drain pipe. With situations like this we always recommend calling for plumbing service. Don’t use store-bought drain cleaners to solve the problem. These cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can corrode your appliance and drain pipes.

Is your disposal jammed? Of all the problems you can have with a disposal, this the most common one to have and the easiest one to fix. Usually, you just need to run cold water into the disposal to help move the food particles along. If this doesn’t work or the blades won’t turn, you may need to call for service. We have special tools that can free whatever is caught in the blades and get your disposal running smoothly again.

Do you hear strange sounds coming from your disposal? Garbage disposals are not known for being exceptionally quiet, but if you hear a noise that sounds like grinding metal, call us right away. This sound could signal a problem with an interior part of your disposal that is faulty or damaged. If you continue to use the disposal when you hear this sound, you risk damaging the entire system, which can result in expensive repairs and garbage disposal replacement.

No matter what the problem may be with your kitchen sink disposal, it is important to call us at the first sign of trouble. Most problems are repairable and can save you time, money, and frustration. To learn more about our garbage disposal repair and garbage disposal installation if a replacement is needed, call our offices to schedule a service appointment with one of our outstanding plumbers in San Francisco, CA.

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